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Picasa - Cigarette Butts, 2013 60x72" - Depicts 139,000 cigarette butts, equal t
Picasa - Chris Jordan Gyre II.jpg
Picasa - Oil Barrels, 2008 60x60" - Depicts 28,000 42-gallon barrels, the amount
Picasa - Proposed New Corporate Logo For Monsanto Company, 2011 4x9 feet, based
Picasa - Three Second Meditation, 2011 44x44" and 60x60" - Depicts 9,960 mail or
Picasa - Toothpicks, 2008 60x96" - Depicts one hundred million toothpicks, equal
Picasa - Geo_ima312ges.jpg
Picasa - Geo_72529d99aebc8648ca37e6ab634c09bb.image.708x550.jpg
Picasa - A-40.jpg
Picasa - Geo_Gottsleben-railings-1-web-re-sized.jpg
Art by People_82.jpg
Art by People_88.jpg
Art by People_89.jpg
Art by People_90.jpg
Art by People_91.jpg
Art by People_92.jpg
Art by People_93.jpg
Art by People_94.jpg
Art by People_95.jpg
Art by People_97.jpg
Art by People_98.jpg
Art by People_99.jpg
Art by People_100.jpg
Art by People_80.jpg
Art by People_79.jpg
Art by People_78.jpg
Art by People_76.jpg
Art by People_75.jpg
Art by People_74.jpg
Art by People_73.jpg
Art by People_77.JPG
Art by People_72.jpg
Art by People_71.JPG
Art by People_70.jpg
Art by People_69.jpg
Art by People_68.jpg
Art by People_67.jpg
Art by People_66.JPG
Art by People_65.jpg
Art by People_64.jpg
Art by People_63.jpg
Art by People_62.jpg
Art by People_61.jpg
Art by People_60.jpg
Art by People_59.jpg
Art by People_58.jpg
Art by People_57.jpg
Art by People_56.JPG
Art by People_55.jpg
Art by People_54.JPG
Art by People_53.jpg
Art by People_52.jpg
Art by People_51.jpg
Art by People_50.jpg
Art by People_49.jpg
Art by People_48.jpg
Art by People_47.jpg
Art by People_46.jpg
Art by People_45.jpg
Art by People_44.jpg
Art by People_43.JPG
Art by People_42.JPG
Art by People_41.jpg
Art by People_40.jpg
Art by People_39.jpg
Art by People_38.jpg
Art by People_37.jpg
Art by People_36.jpg
Art by People_35.jpg
Art by People_34.JPG
Art by People_33.jpg
Art by People_32.JPG
Art by People_31.jpg
Art by People_30.jpg
Art by People_29.jpg
Art by People_28.jpg
Art by People_27.jpg
Art by People_26.jpg
Art by People_25.jpg
Art by People_24.jpg
Art by People_23.jpg
Art by People_22.jpg
Art by People_21.jpg
Art by People_20.jpg
Art by People_19.jpg
Art by People_18.jpg
Art by People_17.jpg
Art by People_16.jpg
Art by People_15.jpg
Art by People_14.jpg
Art by People_13.jpg
Art by People_12.jpg
Art by People_11.jpg
Art by People_10.jpg
Art by People_09.jpg
Art by People_08.jpg
Art by People_07.jpg
Art by People_06.jpg
Art by People_05.jpg
Art by People_04.jpg
Art by People_03.jpg
Art by People_02.jpg
Art by People_01.jpg

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