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petra works @ PT Alam Santi

Sustainable Living Design

Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws; she has neither effect without cause nor invention without necessity. ~ Leonardo DaVinci

Petra’s development design work approach includes facilitating and empowering all of the project stakeholders so that they can understand and consider the project’s ecological footprint, and the local culture in the area. This fascinating process beings with thoughtful assessments of project sites, considering  the local environment and the intended inhabitants’ profiles and aspirations. Resulting plans ensure maximum efficiency, aesthetics, and a truly harmonious flow between the residents and the environment within which they will co-exsist.
Designing healthy human habitats means considering the longevity, functionality and climatic appropriateness of the materials used. As the construction industry is one of the biggest consumers of our earth's natural resources, careful selection of the materials used can have a dramatic impact on reducing your ecological footprint. Alam Santi works with a talented network of innovators and craftsmen who weave their skills into the eco construction using creative woodworking, iron work, carving, terracotta, bamboo, etc.
Together with the Alam Santi team, Petra helps clients to actualise their eco-development aspirations. Over the years, the team has researched, piloted and fune-tuned a range of practical and cost effective eco-design features and sustainability solutions including:  passive cooling system design, ecologically sound wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting, Feng Shui overlay, landscapes & permaculture concept design, energy efficiency strategies, solid waste management systems and eco-friendly interiors.
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