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Planning your Google Ad

Step 1
Decide on the basic shape(s) for your ad(s)


Shape 'clusters' include:

  • Square(ish) called rectangles

  • Potrait orientation ads

  • Landscape orientation ads

  • Leader board (long thin ads)


The graphic on the right shows most of the satandard ad sizes, with Google's Top Performaing Ad sizes highlighted in the red boxes.

For the full article click here.


Step 2
Decide on whether your ad will be 'responsive'

responsive ads are designed to change their shape depending on available space.


To ensure best results, responsive ads should be given set size parameters when you are setting them up in Google Ads account.


Try this responsive ad checker to see how different ads render responively. Copy the address of an ad and past it into the function bar to see the result.

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