Using your Google Slides Presentation

Basic editing of your presentation
Share your presentation online with collaborators

A great feature of Google Slides is how easily you can share & unshare your the presentation. You can add, or remove people with access to your presentation at any time. This is very useful when you are collaborating with me or your colleagues or advisors during the design development stage.

How to give or remove access to your presentation

(1) Click the “Share” button in the top right corner - at the bottom of the window select the box labeled Add people

(2) Insert the email address of the people you want to share your presentation with

(3) Select advanced editing for more options
(4) Next to each name select the access privilege level: Can edit, Can comment, Can view
(5) Selecting the “X” will remove that person’s access entirely

Export your presentation to a PDF or PowerPoint File

(1) Click “File” in the top menu bar

(2) Hover your mouse on Download as... in the drop-down menu, and 
(3) Choose the format you want to save your presentation as, including: PPTX (PowerPoint format), PDF (Adobe Acrobat format)
Your file will download into your computer

Delivering your presentation straight from the cloud

Another great feature of Google Slides is how you can store your presentation online and then deliver it anytime, anywhere directly from the online file. You can also use this feature to preview how your presentation will look to the end viewers.

When you are ready to view or deliver your presentation:

(1) Click the Present button

(2) Once you are in presentation mode, move through slides by either clicking your mouse, or 
(3) licking the arrow icons in the bottom left corner
Jump to a specific slide by clicking the Slide option at the bottom and choosing the slide you want
View the speakers notes by clicking Options gear icon at the bottom of the screen > Open speaker notes

Basic editing of your presentation
Add or adjust text

(1) Click Insert in the top menu bar > Text box from the drop-down
(2) Click inside of the box to enter your text
(3) Click + drag the box to to adjust the size or position of the text box

Insert images

(1) Click Insert in the top menu bar

(2) hoose Image from the drop-down
(3) A window will pop-up giving you options for inserting an image

Duplicate or delete a slide

To duplicate :

(1) Right click the slide or click Slide in the top menu bar

(2) Duplicate slide the new slide will appear just below the one you are on

To delete :

Click Slide in the top menu bar

choose Delete slide to remove the slide you are currently on


Change the order of slides

(1) Click and drag the slide thumbnail on the left side of your screen

(2) Move the slide to its new position within your presentation

If you have any other questions about how to use the features and functions of your Google Slides presentation just let me know