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The Wonderful team at Casa Coolio...

Dayu helps manage Casa Coolio. If there is anything you need during your stay or any questions you may have about Casa Coolio please feel free to contact Dayu at any time. Dayu's phone number is: +62 857 3732 2190

Nyoman is our eco-tech office and a wonderful teacher and guide. Feel free to discuss the eco-feature here or ideas for doing some touring in the area. Nyoman will be happy to guide you on a variety of fascinating activities.

Mbok Ketut is from this area (Banjar Sumampan) and one of our housekeepers. She is on site here most days and available to help you with your household needs. She is a lovely local lady whose smiles are always a true pleasure.

Pak Irman is our driver. Generally he can be found up at the front of Taman Petanu (unless he is on the road). Please feel free to contact Dayu to book use of the car as she keeps the schedule clear. Pak Irman's phone is: +62 812 3664 1141

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